27 weeks


it’s no question that I like stripes.  navy and white stripes in particular.  I just got this dress {on sale!} from Asos – who has a great maternity section I might add.  I really like it but I’m not sure what constitutes it as “maternity”.  it’s a bit snug but at least it’ll fit me after I’ve had the little man!  and my oh my… I love this wee striped shirt too.  it’s definitely one of my favorite things we’ve gotten for our little man.  in fact, I have the matching shirt in my “pre-pregnancy size” but sadly it doesn’t fit over my belly anymore.  {and yes before you ask, I do plan to be one of “those moms” who takes a mandatory photo of us in our matching shirts.}

depending on what site or book I’m looking at, I’m either in the last week of my second trimester or the first of my third.  I’m counting week 28 as officially in the third but regardless, I feel like I’m definitely in the final stretch and my body feels it too.  but I’ve been walking almost every day and practicing yoga as often as possible.  middle back aches – be gone!

three more months, little man!!



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    jamie said:

    sometimes i wonder if i have bought too many stripes for our little guy.

    then i snap out of it.

    never too many!

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      alyson said:

      never too many stripes!!

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    jess said:

    oh sweet jebus…
    you and baby-to-be are amazing

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    franny.glass said:

    yayyyy for backaches being gone! that’s great. i’m SO glad.

    little boys in stripes = heaven

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    roberta jane said:

    i might have to get that dress!

    I bought a similar stripe t-shirt dress at H&M last week that works well with the bump and it was just $12!

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    Siri said:

    You look amazing in that dress and so happy!!

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    casey said:

    we are kindred spirits. ;) i love stripes, but really love black and white stripes. and i just took a matching pic of me and noah! :) you look great! these last few weeks will fly by… hoping and praying for you to have a comfortable last trimester! :)

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    stephanie said:

    so adorable, i can’t wait to buy mini striped clothing!