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baby blanket

I’ve been hard at work on the blanket for our little man.  I finally got through all four colors!  I’m planning to make the next 7 rows of white, then go back to yellow, dark blue, etc., so it kind of makes a rippling effect.  lots more to go, but it’s really starting to look like a blanket!


today I’m 22 weeks, 7 days.  sorry for the grainy photo.  it was so dark in our apartment when Levi took this for me, I almost didn’t post it.  we’ve had rain, rain and more rain this weekend which on the good side, makes for a pretty relaxing weekend at home.  at least I’m sort of used to the rain now.  I’ve learned that coats with hoods are a necessity.  {so are strollers with rain covers!}

I’m off to cook garbanzo bean burgers for dinner – one of our favorites.  I loosely use the recipe from Super Natural Cooking and they turn out great every time.  after dinner Levi and I are indulging a little with a special dessert I’ve been craving:  frozen yogurt with hot baked apples on top!  best way to end a cool, rainy weekend.


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    Chaucee said:

    You make such beautiful work. What do you do when you’re doing this? I have my own knitting shop and I’m always looking for fun things to do while knitting. I usually just watch TV, a movie, or a documentary, since everyone else is at work but I’m searching out other alternatives because those get boring and not so fun after a while :P

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      alyson said:

      hi Chaucee! I usually am doing exactly what you said. I’ve got the tv on, but not really paying attention to it. lately I’ve been bringing it into the bedroom with me and stitch a line or two before bed while the husband reads.

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    Pam said:

    Your blanket looks amazing! You are so fast and I love the touch of yellow.

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    Claudia said:

    you look beautiful! and that blanket will be the most adorable thing ever :)

    so, you decided to invest in a stroller? we got our stroller and now we are shopping for our baby carrier.

    have a lovely week and take some time to relax!

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      alyson said:

      thanks C! yep, we found a Bugaboo Frog on craigslist for a really great deal. also bought the couple’s carseat, carseat attachment and bases for the car. so we got lots of the expensive things knocked off in one blow!

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    caroline said:

    your blanket is coming out really pretty!

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    Bec said:

    That blanket: wow! This is gonna be one lucky guy to be wrapped up in that!

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    franny.glass said:

    that looks awesome! and so do you, you adorable thing.

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    Tammy said:

    I love the colors! It will be so special to have something you made for him as he grew. Cute bump!

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    Tina said:

    Your blanket looks amazing… I’d love to make one for my little Milo… do you have the knitting instructions? Thanks!!

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    Melissa said:

    Is that knitting or crochet? Do you have the pattern? It’s so pretty…you’ve inspired me to learn.