silver skulls & pirate ships

silver skull

many of you might not know this, but my daddy was a pirate.  that’s right.  a swashbuckling, gun-shooting, treasure stealing pirate in the Gasparilla parade in Tampa, Florida. every year in late January, the pirates invade the city on a full sized pirate ship and proceed to parade through the street throwing beads and other goodies to the parade watchers.  my dad would wear a big, scary black wig, aviator sunglasses, and get nasty scars and bullet wounds painted on his face.  at 6’6″ all decked out in his pirate gear, he was kind of scary!

even though I don’t live in Tampa anymore, a little piece of my heart will always remain there.  I get especially nostalgic this time of year when everyone is preparing for the pirates to invade the city.  needless to say, I think I’d buy this tee for our little man, even if we weren’t there.  I’m sure he’d be the cutest pirate on the block.


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    wishful nals said:

    so sweet! i’d love a pirate tee for me, too! never too old to be a pirate, right?

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      alyson said:

      never!!! :)

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    Love the shirt..how neat that your daddy was a pirate, you have such stories to tell! :)

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    mosey said:

    oh wow, I have a lot of Tampa memories too, although I never made it to the parade. I spent a large part of my growing up in Tarpon Springs.
    I love both your blogs by the way, and have been an avid reader for a while now.
    Unruly Little Things is awesome and… inspiring :)

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    I love all things pirate, and I especially love this T!

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    Brandi said:

    Love it! I have lived in Tampa my whole life and there is nothing like the Gasparilla parade. My son was born Jan 14th so we had to miss it this year but I am determined to deck him out in some pirate gear & ahoy our way down to the parade this year!! :)