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    Alison said:

    These wooden animals are so precious! I looked everywhere for something like this for my nephew for Christmas to no avail. Will definitely remember these next time I need a stylish toddler gift. Thanks for sharing!

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    Caroline C said:

    The whale and the fox are my favorite! They are all so precious.

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    conny* said:

    at first: i love your blogS!!!like a little present every day—wonderful!

    but now: i`m from germany, more precisely from the Erzgebirge (Erz MOuntains), where this little animals are famous and fabricated. did you know, that they -at the first step- are a inconsiderable wooden circle? then you cut out a piece(imagine a cake…), do the precision work and colour it…?!

    p.s.have fun with the decision and be sure-there can`t be a wrong one!

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      alyson said:

      hi Conny! I did see that somewhere! so incredible.

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    Sam said:

    They sell these (or a similar set) at Spielworks on N. Williams (here in Portland). It’s amazing how rarely we encounter wooden toys these days, so much of them are plastic. One more reason these are really special

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    love these! i actually discovered them too at a local shop and blogged about them a few weeks ago – ha! i bought 3 for my baby cousin, Bennett. i got her a brown bear, beaver, and bird (the sparrow actually) – all animals that begin with b. aren’t they precious?

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    Amy Nieto said:

    I would get all of them in a course of time, they are so beautiful (and come on, that whale, I know you’re yearning for it!)

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      alyson said:

      yes, that whale. be still my heart!!

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    courtney said:

    i am not expecting, but i LOVE these little wooden animals. i have a lot of children’s art too.

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    jessica said:

    i am loving the ‘little’ version of your blog! congrats on your pregnancy!

    also check out holztiger wooden animals. they are german as well and have a similar aesthetic. i always give them as gifties for little ones (and also have a few in my own collection).

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    Susan Metzger said:

    About 30 years ago I collected over 35 of these animals for my nephew. Where are the rest of the animals you created? How can I get them?