hiya little man.

yesterday was my birthday.  it was a big one for me.  I turned 29 – the last year I’ll be a twenty-something.  next year marks a new decade but this year marks a new life.  you’ll be entering our worlds in just over three and a half short months.

it’s fun for me to imagine celebrating birthdays with you.  I imagine letting you pick out which flavor cupcakes you want at your party and letting you decide which dinosaur you want on your party invitations.  I imagine you and your dad in cahoots to “surprise me” on my birthday and I imagine me and you in the kitchen whipping up his favorite carrot cake.  it all makes me smile.

so in honor of my birthday and big year, I treated myself to a massage tonight.  I got to lay face down because the nice masseuse had a big hole cut out of her table – just for us pregnant mamas!  I think it confused you to be in that position though because you kicked the entire sixty minutes.  and these were big kicks!

109 days little man… 109 days.

xo mom


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    Borda said:

    I love this post and wanted to comment since no one else had. I’m picturing him upside down and laughing. Doesn’t he know that a massage is supposed to be relaxing?

    29 made me feel old too! I don’t know if I’m ready for 30 yet…