bumps and paws

24 weeks24 weeks

I can’t help but wonder how our cats will react to the introduction of our little man.  Chuck {the tabby, not pictured} is a lover.  he loves laying on his back while being scratched on his belly, snuggling in our big warm bed and purrs constantly.  loud noises and new things tend to frighten him a little but I’m not so concerned about Chuck because I know he’ll quickly warm up.  it’s the naughty black one named Moose {pictured above} that I’m a little worried about.

even though he’s my favorite evening lap cat and unbelievably loving, sweet and good most of the time, he’s especially moody and all kinds of bad.  he bangs and meows at our bedroom door at 3am, he nibbles on your leg if you don’t feed him quick enough and he’s ridiculously nosy and gets into just about everything.  he likes routine as odd as that sounds for a cat and he gets uncomfortable when things are different.  I have no doubt that Moose will eventually be a baby lover just like Chuck, but I wonder about those first meetings.  we’ll be watching his moves for the first few months, just to make sure he doesn’t hiss or swipe his little black paws across our new bundle’s face.

24 weeks down, 16 to go.

{update:  just to show you Moose isn’t all that bad, here’s a photo Levi just snapped of him doing what he does best – being a lap cat.  this is part of his regular routine, snuggling with me while I’m trying to work.  pretty soon lap cat & laptop won’t work with a big belly.}


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    C said:

    Cats have that particular knack for apathy or bitchiness so let’s hope for the former :)

    Sidenote, I really love this design – it’s clean and fresh, really gorgeous.

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    Awww!!! Look at you! Your bump is darling!!! Baby is on the way.

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    Your Moose is like one of our cats with that 3am bit.
    Have you seen the movie “Babies”? The cats & other animals were amazingly gentle with the children.

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      alyson said:

      I have seen Babies, and loved it! I looooved the Mongolian baby. {and in that case, I guess it’d be the older child I should worry about, not the cat!!}

      I’m fairly certain that once he gets used to the idea of a baby, they’ll probably be best friends. it’s just those initial weeks that I wonder about.

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    you look so beautiful!

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    natalie said:

    You look great! Moose sounds like my Norris. Super particular, he’s likes cuddling, but will bite you if he’s had enough. Oh cats…

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    Susan said:

    You look fabulous, and cute kitty!

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    Amy Nieto said:

    ohmygod moosecat, you look so handsome and mischievous in this photo!

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    Laura R. said:

    Congratulations to you, Levi, Moose and Chuck. As a crazy cat lady, I love getting to see pictures of cats.

    Moose reminds me of my black cat (a giant, fluffy black guy who *can* be super snuggly when’s not terrorizing our apartment). If he’s anything like Crash, I’m sure he’ll come around eventually.