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    jamie said:

    oh man.

    i decided *one* pair of shoes would be reasonable. for you know. occasions. i was thinking a pair of mocs, but those lil desert booties might be it!

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    Valentine said:

    Hi there. I’m not claiming to possess any sort of medical knowledge and can’t cite any particular study, but my sister has a little 5-month-old boy and has always said he won’t wear shoes until he starts walking because it can impede foot development and delay the point that babies do in fact start walking. Not sure if this is something you’ve discussed with your doctor, but wanted to throw it out there. Also, I’m new to this blog but can’t seem to stop clicking through it! Really love everything I’ve seen and read so far, and wish you the very best of luck.

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    amanda said:

    Hi Valentine,
    Bear Feet are called that for a reason. The company started with the idea that shoes are actually not necessary at all, for anyone at any age, except to protect them from the elements in this modern society. Before the 80′s, children’s footwear was hard formed up past the ankle and it was thought that holding the foot stiff would help children walking.
    Now everyone knows that’s not true and shoes, while style is a plus, should only be super soft and flexible for feet of any age. Bear Feet can squish up in the palm of your hand like the softest marshmallow. I should know, my parents started the company in ’85 and now I’m designing the shoes for my own kids.
    They are also made in USA.
    You can read more about the process in our “how-it’s-made” book at