baby shower outfits

while I haven’t thought too much about it yet, Levi and I briefly discussed the topic of “the baby shower”.  since none of our family is in Oregon, we decided that either A: I won’t have one or B: we’ll throw our own party mid-spring and just invite some of our closest friends over for dinner at our place.  I’m hoping for option B but we’ll see how things pan out.

a lovely reader named Andrea emailed me a few days ago asking for inspiration for her own baby shower outfit.  I was excited to put together some outfits for her but honestly, I’ve felt a little blah about maternity clothes so far.  they all feel so frumpy and just totally not my style.  I mean, if I see one more faux wrap dress in black, I might just scream.  however, I was able to put together two totally wearable outfits, one for the typical girly shower and one for the laid back co-ed party.  I hope you have fun at your baby shower, Andrea!  enjoy!

shower1{a.p.c. dress, rachel comey sweater, red bauble necklace, j. crew strappy flats, butter london polish, floral purse}

shower2{stripe tunic dress, black leggings, j. crew cashmere scarf, moon stud earrings, bronze cuff, hobes shoes}


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    i love topshop maternity! great post

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    angie said:

    i love the first set, esp that cardigan!

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    kersey said:

    these are both beautiful! I have to agree about the black faux wrap dresses. Just because someone’s pregnant doesn’t mean they have to dress like a burnt sausage!

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      alyson said:

      haha, totally!!

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    nicolle said:

    so cute! i had such a hard time finding cute clothing when i was pregnant but that was also 7 years ago. so much more cute stuff now! :)

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    emma said:

    ugh. i completely agree! I went shopping for maternity clothes and it was really awful – i couldn’t find anything that was cute and fit well. just bought some things at asos.com and i really hope it looks good in person.

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    casey said:

    I would wear that last one even if I wasn’t pregnant!

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    my husband and i, in advance of our son’s birth (huxley was born oct. 21st), held what we dubbed a “nugget warming” (nugget was hux’s pre-birth nickname) at our place on sept. 25th. a former co-worker had thrown me an all-ladies shower, as had my mother, yet we yearned for a low-key, co-ed, kids-and-dogs-included affair where we would make the food and exercise some degree of control over the setting (i.e. no baby blue everything and no baby games!). it was a phenomenal success, and was actually photographed for a book entitled “where women cook: book of celebrations.” here’s a link to my blog, showing some candid shots my sister took of the day, along with what we ate: http://small-measure.blogspot.com/2010/10/50-ways-to-warm-your-nugget.html. might be a good alternative for you and your hubs?