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    Amy Wing said:


    I love animal alphabets, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the silhouette one especially. Such a fun and different take!

  2. 20


    Dana said:

    I got the animal alphabet print for my little dude. It’s adorable.

  3. 21


    How funny… I was looking at alphabet posters yesterday!
    And I came across these and other similar ones (as well as many other clever posters), and I blogged about it too!
    Great minds think alike, they say. ;)

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      Thanks for visiting my blog Alyson! And a special thank you for the tips on surviving first trimester. It’s almost over. Yippee!
      And yes, I am in Portland! Just moved here from Vancouver, Canada.
      I love it so far and am having so much fun exploring!

  4. 21


    Meghan said:

    Oooh. I bought the one from Sycamore Street Press and LOVE it. Squirreled away for the someday baby.

  5. 25


    Susan said:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who plans so far in advance…love the Rifle Paper one! :)

  6. 27


    Alix said:

    Just so you know, the Rifle poster is on sale for 25% off at Design Story (member’s only sample sale site). Here’s the link:

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      alyson said:

      eep!! thank you!! I just bought it – and I had some credits too so it was only $21.50!

  7. 28


    Abbie said:

    We actually have both the Rifle one and the SSP one. Love both of them!