adventures in crochet


Levi’s mom gave me a set of crochet needles for Christmas.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet and with a baby on the way, what better time to learn!  I got some practice yarn and caught on really quick so I headed up to the store again yesterday and we picked out some colors to make a chevron afghan for Baby Brown.  it’s so soft – we think he’ll really dig it.



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    Chaucee said:

    Learning how to crochet is one of my goals. And chevron blankets are the best : ) I really like the colors you picked.

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    franny.glass said:

    way to go!

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    Marina said:

    I love both of your blogs and I am also preggers (24 weeks). I have been debating on making a blanket for my little girl, and your post inspired me to go ahead and go for it.

    I was wondering if you were following a pattern/book, and if so, could you share that info.

    Thank you.

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      alyson said:

      hi Marina! I did have a book, however I found it extremely confusing to learn from a book. I just couldn’t follow it. so, I searched for some video tutorials online and found this one on how to make the zig zag afghan.


      then when I started, I figured that each segment would need 7 chain stitches, so depending on the weight of your yarn, you’ll need to figure out how many chains you’ll need to make to have the width of your blanket. I’m using a fingering weight yarn – tiny!! – so I started off with 210 chain stitches, this gave me a 36″ width!

      good luck!

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    Amy Nieto said:

    OH!!! I’ve been wanting to (re)learn how to crochet as well!! If you ever want to crochet with someone maybe I can join and (re)learn!