25 weeks


25 weeks.

people are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant.  at work, people come up to me and casually say “is that a baby belly I spy?”  I wear dresses a lot during the week, since my pre-pregnacy pants don’t fit anymore.  my dresses that still fit are the more blousey ones but my belly is beginning to really show and finally starting to poke out from underneath them.

I know what people mean now when they say, all of a sudden your belly just pops.  I’ve thought I’ve had a pretty big belly all along, though something about how I’m feeling this week makes me think our little man had a major growth spurt.  plus, I put on 5lbs in 3 days!  it’s like all of a sudden I just weighed 5 lbs more and I was like, what the heck!  I’m also noticing that my belly button is a lot shallower than once before.  I have a really deep belly button and I can finally see the bottom!

105 more days!  and whoa… it’s almost February?  where did the time go!

{I thought these pics were funny.  Levi and I were in a hurry to get out of the house so he was kind of shooting pics at me paparazzi style so naturally they were all blurry.  but I look so happy!  also, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, friends.  I appreciate your support and loving comments!!}


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    Amy Nieto said:

    Woah. It did just pop!!! And yes, I love these photos the most!

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    Brooke said:

    I’m pretty sure it was around 25 weeks that I started really showing. It’s fun to feel more pregnant and not just big. :) I kept thinking time would fly and it would be over before I knew it, but it didn’t feel that way at all. It seemed like I was pregnant forever! (comment written with a two month old napping on my chest because she doesn’t want to be away from mama today. Thank god for the iPhone!)

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    The first 3 mos were awkward for me, I felt fat but didn’t think anyone could tell it was baby in there. Showing like this is part of the fun, enjoy it!!

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    Claudia said:

    yes, you do look super happy :)

    today my belly button came out (well, now it is flat, no more hole) and it is such a pain in the butt!

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    Jess Moore said:


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    sara said:

    This is strange: I have the SAME belly than yours!! (you know, not the full-round one, the 20 weeks pregnant-is that a beer belly? one)
    I am 26 weeks pregnant, and I did gain 3 kgs in barely 3 weeks! (I think it might be like 7 pounds) I am also expecting a boy. And my belly button is so shallow as well. It’s like it got fat or something.
    Anyways… thanks for your blog!!!

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    you are looking SUPER adorbs with that baby bump!

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    brooke said:

    that is the cutest outfit! my husband is good at shooting paparrazzi style too. :) sometimes those are the funnest kind of shots.

    cute belly!

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    Chaucee said:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! It puts such a smile on my face to see a baby bump. I just think they are too adorable.

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    Jen said:

    I had a spurt and major weight gain between 24-28 weeks with all three babies. Like 9-10 lbs. After my initial shock each time (like yelling at the scale), I remembered there was a little being inside of me that had his/her own agenda. :)

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    nicole b. said:

    So cute! Love the (blurry) laughter! xo.

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    Mom said:

    You look GREAT! I think the belly button thing was one of the most amazing transformations. I also remember feeling much bigger in just a day. You are doing so well. Time is just flying by and your little man will be here before you know it. Can’t wait to meet him!!!!!!!!

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    marta said:

    My belly popped at 27 weeks. We were on vacation on Mackinac Island, and suddenly strangers were commenting on me being pregnant! They weren’t asking, they just knew! Pop!

    You look lovely, by the way. :)