welcome friends and family!  I’m really excited about this blog and the chance to share our experience with you.  we are a zillion-times-over-the-moon excited to welcome a new little person into our world and I’m a zillion percent happy that you’re here!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it.

p.s.  I promise there will be belly pics – I’ve definitely got a “bump”!

{photo from kristin~mainemomma}


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    Claudia said:

    oh, well, I want to see a picture :)

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    melissa said:

    My first baby is due in 13 days, and I’m here to tell you that you’re in for a wild ride! Just wait until your whole belly moves from side to side and your baby’s little butt pokes out from your abdomen and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! Enjoy it all! :)

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    Flora said:

    Yes! Congratulations Alyson! I’m very excited for you 2/3. This new little space looks lovely, I’ll come here and check often. As my little one is just 1 year and a few months, I’m sure I’ll find some great inspiration. Enjoy this special time!

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    nicolle said:

    yay, so excited you started this site! i’m looking forward to following you along your journey. oxo :)

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    Hana K. said:

    I’m waiting for baby to arrive in March & I’m glad to see your baby blog! (I’ve hopped over from unruly things) It’s so much fun browsing/finding new baby products/inspiration, I look forward to your posts. :)

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    gina said:

    i am SO EXCITED about i’m a big fan of unruly things, and of course teeny tiny little babies. ;-) my first is due in three weeks. congratulations on your precious baby!

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    bec said:

    oh, congrats again, and thanks for this great blog! i also have a little poppy seed growing… so i’m super excited to get some great ideas from someone with such lovely style!
    may this be a really exciting time for you and your family!

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    franny.glass said:

    rollllll out those belly shots for those of us across the country!

    hope you’re all well. so glad there’s a whole place designated to this little guy now.

    rocket turns one tomorrow. hold on to your hats, guys. this ride keeps picking up speed.

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    kristin said:

    eeep! i had no idea this was here!!! i am honored. and blushing a little.

    congrats on your soon to be bebe boy.
    he will be one loved little dude.