the day it all began

pregnancy test

it seems so long ago that we first found out I was pregnant.  we’d barely even begun trying, but somehow I just knew.  I felt something inside of me.  I know that sounds crazy, but I vividly remember feeling a sharp tinge somewhere deep in my belly.  I looked up at myself in the mirror and I just knew.  and a few days later, I took a test.

I’d secretly bought the pregnancy tests while Levi was in Idaho visiting family.  I don’t know why, but I wanted to surprise him with the test.  maybe somewhere inside my mind I was worried that it might be negative and I wanted to deal with that alone before confronting him about it.

it was a Friday, September 10.  I’d had a dream the night before that I’d found a positive pregnancy test while I was involved in some kind of performance.  I woke up and I decided that day was the day.  I’d planned on waiting until Monday before taking one, but my dream convinced me to do it.  I brushed my teeth while I waited for the results, trying not to peek at them.  when I finished and looked over, a gigantic rush of emotion waved over me as I spotted two pink lines starting to develop.  I ran into the bedroom and woke up Levi to tell him I was pregnant.  we hugged and high-fived and I cried tears of joy.  then we started day-dreaming about our tiny poppy seed sized baby.


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    Meg said:

    So exciting! Congrats x 1,000,000! I can’t wait to see this blog as it evolves.

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    Amy Nieto said:

    Either I am emotional right now (hello stress) or this is just so darn beautiful, but I AM CRYING. This sweet baby of yours is making me cry too much (I cried after we left Clyde Commons that day and when you finally announced it on the web haha). But YAY for Baby blog!!!!!!!! It’s so darling!

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      alyson said:

      aw, Amy you’re such a softie!! ;) thank you thank you!!!

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    Emily said:

    This is such a sweet story. It’s amazing how INSTANTLY you start imagining the future with the little baby and how it’s almost impossible to stop the day-dreaming. Congrats!

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    abby said:

    Crying over here…so, so happy for you two.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Happy Christmas!

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    Borda said:

    Amy, you’re not a softy. This made me cry too! Maybe it’s because I’ve known Alyson almost our whole lives and I’m pretty sure that at one point, most likely 10-15 years ago, we discussed this exact same moment and how it would play out one day.

    Congrats again Alyson. You’re going to be the best mom!

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    Ilmarie said:

    September 10th sounds like a lucky charm….at least it’s my birthday ;)

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    debbie said:

    Love your story, Alyson. I’m so happy for you and Levi. I know you’ll make awesome parents. Now excuse me while I go wipe my tears :)

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    Claudia said:

    This is such an adorable story!!!
    I did the same thing, I wanted to deal with a negative test result by myself since we only tried for one month…but like you, I didn’t have to do that :)

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    Mike said:

    You guys are very talented…and I’m jealous. Great idea to document the process. Very cool.

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    Thrilled for you! You are going to be a radiant pregger, I know! AND a wonderful mother. Congrats!!

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    Jen said:

    this is exactly the way it happened for us with our first. I remember my husband being half awake when I told him we did it! This is just so exciting for you two.

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    this is such a sweet post, and so very personal. i love that you shared it with us, and as a regular reader of unruly things, i am very excited about this new blog!

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    omg…i just teared reading this! =*D

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    Jen said:

    Wow. I seriously just got a little misty. You guys are going to be fantastic parents. Absolutely fantastic.

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    Tammy said:

    So fun! I think the best two parts of being pregnant is seeing those lines show up and when the baby is born. Love it!