snowshoes & halfway marks

me snowshoeing
levi snowshoeing
me & levi

Levi and I spent the evening winding down from the holidays with a little relaxing and a comforting dinner.  we had so much fun in snowy Idaho.  I tested my legs in snowshoes and ate my weight in delicious holiday fare.  we weren’t quite ready to come back to rainy Portland and leave family behind.  I was ready to sleep in my own bed however!  sleeping has become increasingly difficult as my belly has been expanding.  I’ve decided a body pillow is a must.

today I am 20 weeks.  that means I’m officially halfway through my pregnancy.  {yippee!!!}  only 20 or so more weeks until we get to meet our little man!  it seems so far away, but time will fly I’m sure.  I think I’ve been super lucky to have had an easy pregnancy so far.  I’m hoping the remaining 20 weeks will go as smooth!


  1. 28


    Claudia said:

    happy 20 weeks :)

  2. 28


    nicole b. said:

    Hooray for halfway marks! And for snow! I loved your snowy scenes post, too. I’m dying for a little snow here. xo.

  3. 30


    franny.glass said:

    body pillow…HIGHLY recommend :) you’re looking adorable!