like tiny goldfish flips

it’s amazing how different it makes you feel about being pregnant when you first start feeling the baby kick.  it’s like, whoa… this is real.  this is really happening.  and all of a sudden you start loving this little person inside of you a thousand times more than you ever thought possible.

I’ve been feeling you kick like crazy.  you seem to love when I eat because after I’m done I usually feel you poking me.  last night I made salmon for dinner.  I baked it with charred pineapple chutney on top and served it with a side salad with pears, fennel and smoked gouda.  it was soo delicious, you’ll find out one day when you’re old enough.  I think our big dinner made you super active.  I’d never felt you kick so hard!  maybe you’re just getting bigger.  my app says your almost 6 inches long now and apparently that doesn’t include your legs and tiny feet!  you’re quite a busy body…

xo mom


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    Claudia said:

    yeah, goldfish flips is nicer than goldfish farts ;)