he felt you!

feeling my baby move is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in life.  it’s such a unique feeling that it’s impossible for me to describe it.  it’s definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever felt.  I admit, it’s definitely a little bit alien.  but it makes my heart swell with love that I never thought possible.

last night while we were in bed reading, I felt you jabbing my tummy stronger than your usual little pokes. I placed my hand over the spot where I’d felt you and was so surprised that I felt you poke my hand back! I told your dad to put his hand right where mine was and he felt you kick too, a few times! it was so special for me because all this time I’ve been feeling your movements I haven’t been able to share them with your dad, and I know he’s been dying to feel you move. now we can both feel you and that makes me so excited.

we’ve been toying with a name for you too, little man. we think you like it.

xo mom


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    emma said:

    i am 15 weeks and can’t wait to feel my babies move (due with twins in june)….

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      alyson said:

      oh it’s such a great feeling Emma! I felt it for the first time around 16 weeks, but it was pretty sporadic for the next 3. now I’m 20 weeks and feeling him all the time!

      and, wow, twins!! :)

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    Daniela said:

    I am 26 weeks, and live in Norway but I am from Costa Rica. I was in my country for Christmas and for the first time felt her poke back one night watching TV with my mom and husband. They could both feel her too!!! It was the best thing I have ever shared in my life…with the two people I love the most.

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    Claudia said:

    Over the past few days, people can see the baby moves through my shirt…it was pretty strange at first (alien coming out of my belly!) but now I just can’t get enough because it is so cool (except when a big kick makes me want to go to the bathroom)!!!

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    twobrunettes said:

    I am in love with this blog, seriously!
    Your baby moving is truly the most amazing thing ever! It never gets old either! Its amazing every single time all the way until your due date. Wait until you start to see your stomach really move, freaky and amazing! I miss it already :o)