20 weeks, 4 days


half. way. through.  and… my pants are finally starting to feel a little snug.  I’ve been living in dresses during the week but I’m such a jeans & t-shirt gal on the weekends that I think I’ll treat myself to a pair of maternity jeans next week.  my Bella Band is great but it has it’s limitations.  like, having to adjust the thing all the time or when it gives a weird ripple over the buttons.  has anyone had experience with the always skinny maternity jeans from the Gap?  they look the most fashionable for the price but still, $80 on maternity jeans?  yikes…  they better be way good.

on a side note, all this week I’ve been waiting for a text or phone call from one of my best friends who’s in labor as I type!  she was due on Christmas day and I finally got a text from her at 5am this morning that she hopes to meet baby C tonight.  good luck Lauren!!


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    Abbie said:

    I loved my Gap maternity jeans. But, I work in a casual environment and was able to wear jeans almost every day. I also bought some designer maternity jeans on Ebay for about a quarter of the price!

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    Claudia said:

    maternity jeans are always $$$ but they are such a wonderful investment. you want comfortable pants (I love the full panel) especially when you get to the point when your body is “naturally” uncomfortable ;)

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    Sara said:

    While I have never been pregnant, I’ve had a few pregnant family members and friends, and the consensus is that the more expensive maternity pants are usually worth every penny! The point is you’ll usually wear them all the time- through all the stages, so it’s good to get a pair that fit, look nice, and that you like.

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      Sara said:

      PS: I am SO happy for you and yours!

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    jamie said:

    love my gap skinny maternity jeans. wish i had bought the full panel instead of demi. {are they newly available??? couldn’t find them before….}

    might be worth (!!!) a second pair. i tried looking at other jeans, but they were just awful, and equally expensive. {sigh}

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    jamie said:

    {but in full disclosure, 99% of the time i wear stretch pants with long layered camis under my tops to make it appropriate for public wear}

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    Janet said:

    I bought a $40 pair of Heidi Klum skinny jeans from Destination Maternity (my only visit to that store :). They’re nice, esp. for the price. I also bought a pair of $9 skinnies with an elastic top at Forever 21–they’re not really jeggings, exactly; they just look like skinny jeans made with a softer fabric. I’d recommend them, esp. for the price! Yesterday I bought a pair of Liz Lange bootcut full panel jeans for $30 at Target, and those are pretty nice too, so far. That’s all I have to say about maternity jeans :)

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    Hana K. said:

    I have the demi panel skinny jeans & full panel long & lean jeans from GAP. I love them both! I got them when there were online coupons so they weren’t $80. I’ve been wearing them since the first trimester and they still fit well although a little snug in the hips now. So worth it!

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    Amy Nieto said:

    You look soooo pretty(ier)!

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    Lexie said:

    Ugh! buying jeans as a non pregnant gal is hard enough! i cant imagine buying them in your state ;)

    you look beautiful! happy new year!

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    Amanda said:

    I loved my Gap maternity jeans. Look for a discount–things are often 30-40% off there. Also, since I wore the jeans constantly while I was pregnant, it was worth getting comfy, good-looking ones. I had a cheap pair from Old Navy that sagged and ended up being a waste of money.

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    Dana said:

    i haven’t tried the always skinny maternity jeans (though the always skinny regular jeans are awesome!), but buying a good pair of maternity jeans is totally worth it. my favorite are the momzee’s skinny jeans. they have a low rise elastic waist, which worked all through my pregnancy and were great postpartum. i had my little dude three months ago and still wear from time to time because they are so cute.

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    Jen said:

    So exciting! There is nothing better than feeling comfortable during pregnancy. That said – splurging on yourself is worth it – plus, if you plan on having more, you can justify it that way too. :)

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    Jessica said:

    you look a.mazing! what a sweet little bump.

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    Kaitlyn said:

    I just had my little boy in December. I too love wearing denim skinny jeans. When the bump got too large for my normal clothes I was bummed out since maternity jeans are so expensive. However, I found an awesome pair at A Pea in the Pod made by Heidi Klum that I lived in while I was pregnant. I think they were around $30. Good luck!