18 weeks, 7 days


it’s amazing how quickly time flies.  I can’t believe that in just one week and one day I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy.  and I’m just starting to have a little bump!  I love that I’m finally showing but I think it’s still small and kind hovers around that point where it could be mistaken for a big beer gut or being really full from dinner.

I bought a Bella Band last weekend and man… it’s a lifesaver!!  I don’t quite need it for this pair of jeans because they ride so low but I’ve definitely put it to good use with other jeans and cords.  I’m really hoping that I won’t have to purchase too many maternity clothes, however some of my dresses with defined waistlines have already been folded and put to the back of my closet.

tomorrow morning we go to my mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound and there we’ll get to see if we’re having a boy or a girl!!  we’re so excited to find out but honestly I’m most excited to see our baby again. he/she has been kicking so much, it’ll be fun to watch as he/she wriggles around on the screen while I’m feeling those little taps.  this will be my third and I’m guessing my last ultrasound until he or she is born!


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    Claudia said:

    Look at you! You are so pretty! And honestly, nobody can look at your belly and think that it is a beer gut! You silly ;)

    At first, I didn’t want to get maternity clothes (or regular clothes that fit) but it does feel good to get new clothes…40 weeks can be pretty long.

    I hope that your baby is less shy than mine and you will see if it is boy or a girl. Sometimes, there is another ultrasound at 33 weeks but it is mostly if they want to see something specific before birth.

    Have fun tomorrow :)

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      alyson said:

      thanks Claudia!! I’m thinking I might check out Old Navy or H&M to see if I can find some inexpensive blousey dresses that aren’t tooooo maternityish. I’m noticing that the hemline on some of my dresses just won’t be “work appropriate” for much longer. ;)

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        debbie said:

        sometimes target has cute maternity clothes (i’ve bought some there before and i’m not even pregnant!)

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    Natalie said:

    you look adorable! and i love the new baby blog!

    congrats again:)


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    Amy Nieto said:

    I can’t wait to see the baby again!

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    wow! you make pregnancy look REAL good! And I LOOOOVE your new adorable little blog!

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    Jess Moore said:

    oh my goodness!

    i am
    for you!

    you are
    gonna be
    SUCH an
    awesome mom…
    i can’t wait!!!

    eeeeee!!! xoxo

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    Sasha said:

    aww how cute!!! So Excited for you guys. Cant wait to meet the little one

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    franny.glass said:

    you look amazing!!!! i went through the whole rebelling-against-maternity-clothes thing too (and i actually never bought maternity stuff for my bottom half) but those maternity shirts just can’t be beat. target! you’ll be glad you did. not yet, but later anyway :)

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    Brittany said:

    you look lovely! I saw you at little winter and would never have guessed you were pregnant! i hope all goes well with the ultrasound and you can see all the important parts! can’t wait to hear!

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    Kelly said:

    awww!! so adorable : )

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    carina said:

    you look terrific! I found your blog today and I was so happy to have spent a hour looking through your wonderful and inspiring work! thank you! -nonchalantmom

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    Julie said:

    You look so adorable..it must be such an amazing feeling!

    Julie xo

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    Amanda said:

    So cute! Believe me, there will come a time when that cute belly just won’t fit in your shirts anymore. And when you think you can’t get any bigger, you will, somehow! I second the old navy advice. Also, Motherhood is great for t-shirts if nothing else.

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    Masha said:

    You look so beautiful and happy! And so stylish I must say – I love your top! :)

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    katie said:

    hey there! this is so exciting! mil felicidades!

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    Siri said:

    There is no way anyone will think you have a beer gut/ate a huge dinner. It’s definitely a baby bump!!

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      alyson said:

      aw, thanks Siri! I’d like to think so too. ;)

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    blythe said:

    i’m at 28 weeks and just finally busted out my first pair of maternity pants on sunday. some old navy jeggings with not the whole belly panel, but the elastic waistband thingy to be exact (and for only $17!). i’m telling you, it made a world of difference. i’d been deadset against maternity clothes, but dang if i don’t feel better! i got a belly band as well, but am paranoid that my pants are going to retreat down my legs at any given moment. in any case, old navy, gap, asos, target and forever21 have some ok maternity stuff on the cheap. i’m with you though, if i can buy a shirt or dress i can wear now and belt later in my normal size, i’m doing it. only a few more months to go!